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Why Confidence is a Non-negotiable Leadership Trait by Haris Ahmed Chicago Consultant

If there’s one trait that leaders must possess above all else, it’s confidence. Without it, you can never reach your full potential; and this goes for both your personal and professional life, says Haris Ahmed, Chicago consultant and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group, Inc. Confidence dares you to move forward in every situation, and when the outcome isn’t what you expected, confidence compels you to keep pushing. For Haris Ahmed of Chicago, this is one trait that should be inherent in all organizational leaders—it’s non-negotiable.

The dictionary describes ‘confidence’ as the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. Psychology Today describes it “as a belief in one’s ability to succeed.” Looking at these two definitions, we see confidence in two contexts; one as your belief in your own abilities and capabilities, and the other as your belief in someone’s abilities. It is an inner knowing that you can rely on yourself and others in every situation, big or small, good or bad. Haris Ahmed of Chicago believes that it’s what leadership is all about.

Confidence in leadership

As a business owner and leader of your organization or company, you will need to take a certain amount of risks; it’s part of the job. Your level of confidence in yourself and your team will greatly determine your approach to these risks. For Haris Ahmed of Chicago, your level of confidence will tell you which risks are worth taking for the company, which ones should take the backseat for the time being, and which ones expose you to greater success or failure.

In his capacity as a leadership consultant, Haris Ahmed of Chicago has been asked by various organizations to step in when the company isn’t doing well on the market, and most of the time, the underlying cause is poor team performance, which is often rooted in the failure of organizational leadership. What leaders must understand, says Haris Ahmed of Chicago, is that the organization’s level of confidence is a direct reflection of their own show of confidence, in themselves and their teams. In other words, if you walk your talk, your team will follow suit. And those that prove to be “bad apples” may have to be let go eventually, if they fail to step up to the plate despite numerous attempts to help them.

For the most part, you, as the business owner, must possess the confidence to run and manage your business; directing it to the path of success. You must have the derring-do to take risks and meet obstacles head-on. Your lack of confidence will affect your business in every way, from the way you pitch to investors to the way you motivate your organization.

In his next post, Haris Ahmed of Chicago will share his thoughts and tips on how to build self-confidence, and how to teach your organization to be confident about themselves and others as well. Kindly stay tuned to read his latest updates.



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