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5 Key Traits of an Entrepreneur as Shared by Haris Ahmed Chicago Consultant

At some point, everyone has thought about owning their own business. The dream is to earn enough money to afford a comfortable lifestyle and do so without working for someone else—someone else’s company or business. For Haris Ahmed, Chicago leadership consultant and change expert, being an entrepreneur is not merely about opening a business to sell goods or services and waiting for the profits to come in. Entrepreneurship requires more than just selling a brand or product, says Haris Ahmed of Chicago. More than anything else, he says, entrepreneurship is all about leadership.

Successful entrepreneurs share a few common traits—traits that have helped them build their small startups into large corporations. Haris Ahmed, Chicago consultant, shares five of these traits below:

Takes calculated risks

If you’re not daring and brave, entrepreneurship may not be the correct path for you, says Haris Ahmed of Chicago. In business, you will be exposed to all kinds of risks, and these risks can either be fruitful or disastrous, depending on your approach. With that said, a good entrepreneur knows how to take calculated risks. Know that not every risk is worth taking. This is where your entrepreneurial leadership skills will come into play. You can decipher which risks are worth taking and which ones should be mitigated.

You’re a leader and a team player

Business owners need to be a leader and a team player at the same time. You let go of the reins when you need to, and you take them back when necessary. In other words, you’re as much of a leader as a follower, says Haris Ahmed of Chicago.

You’re a teacher, motivator, and advocate rolled into one

Haris Ahmed of Chicago has always believed that a good entrepreneur-leader is an excellent teacher. You are not stingy with information, and you always look for opportunities to teach others what you know in hopes of turning them into leaders someday. You motivate your organization to work towards the company’s goals, taking the direction of your mission and vision. In effect, you also become an advocate for your employees’ growth and career advancement.

You value everyone’s inputs, opinions, and feedback

A good entrepreneur is open-minded and always willing to learn from others. You welcome feedback, good and bad. With negative feedback, you’re willing to look within to see what needs to change; and with good feedback, you work towards enhancing your strengths. For Haris Ahmed of Chicago, every input, opinion or feedback holds lessons that can only be for the benefit of the company and the organization.

You own up to your mistakes

Lastly, Haris Ahmed of Chicago believes that a good entrepreneur and leader is someone who isn’t afraid to admit mistakes, and more importantly, to work on rectifying their errors. To put it another way, you hold yourself accountable for all your actions and decisions, and you’re quick to own up to your mistakes.

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