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Haris Ahmed Chicago Consultant: Why Teaching by Example is the Best Method

Haris Ahmed, Chicago consultant and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group, Inc., has said it of enough of leaders: “If you want to teach your organization anything, do it by example.” Strict, rigorous, and structured training will only get you so far, adds Haris Ahmed of Chicago. If you want to teach anything worth learning and acquiring, be hands-on. Don’t just leave it to the experts; be your own expert.

The reader may have noticed that Haris Ahmed of Chicago has been talking about confidence in his recent posts. This is because he believes that for one to truly reach the pinnacle of success, you must have the confidence to forge on no matter how many setbacks you experience along the way. As an entrepreneur, Haris Ahmed of Chicago says, it’s important to build your confidence first before embarking on a business venture, especially if this is your first time. You need to possess a good amount of confidence to start a business because various kinds of risks are involved in running a business. But it isn’t enough that the leader has confidence in his abilities, he must have confidence in his team as well.

For this post, Haris Ahmed shares his thoughts on teaching confidence by example.

Haris Ahmed of Chicago has said it often enough, the best way to teach your organization is by walking your talk; through your example, in other words. The very first step in teaching by example is allowing your team to show what they’re capable of without interference from you. There are times when you must step in to show how something is supposed to be done, and there are times when you must step back to allow your team to discover their own capabilities. Make your team feel that you are confident in their abilities by allowing them to do their job their own way; that is, after providing them with all the necessary tools.

Each member of your team is unique—they are individuals working towards a common a goal. Allow their uniqueness to shine by leaving them well enough alone. Gone are the days when an organizational leader must always stay in front of the pack. These days, employees gravitate towards companies that provide them with opportunities for growth and advancement, and you open doors for these opportunities when you allow your team to show you what they’ve got without your assistance.

When you allow your team to do their job, you make your job easier, too. And that, says Haris Ahmed of Chicago, is one of the advantages of having a team that is confident in its abilities. A leader is someone who teaches others to be future leaders, too; so when the time comes for you to step down, you know you’re leaving the company in good hands—you trained them, after all.

At this point in your business, can you honestly say that you have the confidence of leaving your company in the hands of your team?

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