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Haris Ahmed Chicago Consultant on the Importance of Building a Great Startup Team

Haris Ahmed (Chicago) management consulting firm Pragmatium Consulting, Inc. has seen several organizations fail because of issues with personnel. Before he founded his management consulting firm, Haris knew that he would need the help of key people—individuals with their unique skillsets who bring specific valuable contributions to the table. In any startup, building an exceptional team is a key component in successfully launching it and establishing it as a worthy competitor in your industry.

A leader is only as good as its team and vice versa. One needs the other in order to fulfill their duties, accomplish tasks properly, accurately, and on time; and give the organization the chance to grow and thrive.

So how do you build an exceptional team?f

As a startup, you don’t have the luxury of hiring as many people as you want—that, and the luxury of getting someone for your team based on a friend’s or a relative’s recommendation, request, or demands of “you owe me”.

What you’re looking for are people who will help you achieve your goals; people who are already experts in their own field, and who take the initiative to not only perform at their peak level but to go the extra mile without being prodded or coaxed, or waiting for the boss’ orders.

Taking these into account, what you want to focus on is quality, not quantity. Sure, you may have to pay a bit more to get the best people on your team, but the quality of output will be nothing short of what you expected—and what your startup needs.

Think of it as purchasing an artisanal product versus something created in a mass-production factory—which one do you think has the better quality? In other words, you get what you pay for.

With that said, you shouldn’t also hesitate to let people go if they are not performing up to par—or delivering what they promised. Again, you don’t have the luxury to keep people who could potentially pull you down.

A great leader is a good decision maker; he doesn’t hesitate, and he doesn’t back down; and he approaches every situation with determination and compassion.

Lastly, every member of your team must be able to learn and adapt; because if they are going to work as a team, they all should get along, and they should be open to criticisms and suggestions. You don’t need someone on your team who is into power playing. No one is above the other; even you, when you think about it.

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