Haris Ahmed Chicago, Merger Integration Methods

Haris Ahmed

Merging companies is not an easy challenge. Trying to bring together two establishes businesses who have their own practices, culture and ethics in place can take years to complete, and takes co-operation on a huge scale. When going through these mergers, often companies will employ the expertise and advise of specialist business consultants who can help smooth the transitional process and offer advise on how to remain productive and efficient. Pragmatium Consulting Inc., is one such company who have excelled at such services in the years of their operations, and have a reputation for effective change implementation. One of their specialties is merger integration, spearheaded by the CEO Haris Ahmed’s specialties in change management.

Haris Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. and graduated from The University of Notre Dame with an MBA in specialist business fields of leadership and change management. His expertise have not gone unnoticed in the field- he is now one of Chicago’s most sought-after consultants who has taken on a number of large protects for global corporations. As Pragmatium state on their website, ”Research suggests that most companies fail to realize the stated benefits of a merger. This is fundamentally a result of not articulating a comprehensive merger integration strategy and a failure to appropriately understand the human dimensions of change. Research suggests that most companies fail to realize the stated benefits of a merger. This is fundamentally a result of not articulating a comprehensive merger integration strategy and a failure to appropriately understand the human dimensions of change.”

Pragmatium and Haris Ahmed‘s task is to provide advice and support for companies maybe too scared to take the plunge of merger integration’s, and help them make a success of it.

Part of Pragmatium’s service in this field is the Post-Transaction Integration, which includes merger Integration, new leadership team design and selection, and new organization fast-track roll-out. For Haris Ahmed, being able to help these businesses follow the mergers with continued growth and success is a vital part of their service. In being able to do so, the company have built a towering reputation in Chicago and beyond, and continue to lead the market when it comes to implementing effective organizational change in business. Follow Haris Ahmed on Pinterest to find out more about him and the company’s vision for the future.

Haris Ahmed Chicago, The Importance of Bringing Together Highly Effective Teams

Haris Ahmed Chicago

In the modern business organization, it is vital to cultivate highly effective teams. Putting resources into creating cohesive teams can be a sound long-term investment for any business looking to grow or increase its market share. The old cliché that the employees are the most important part of a business is truer today than it ever has been, and getting them to work together to form efficient teams can be hugely beneficial for a company. Specialist management and business consultants such as Haris Ahmed have built a career on analyzing and helping businesses make the most out of their employees collective power. In a recent interview, Haris Ahmed outlined some of his thoughts on the nature of highly effective teams.

Haris Ahmed is Successful CEO of Management Consultancy Group in Chicago, Pragmatium Consulting. As suggested by the title of the business, Haris Ahmed takes a pragmatic approach to transforming business, and often one of the best ways to do this is cultivate highly-functioning employee units. What is important to outline at first for Haris Ahmed, is the distinction between teams and groups. For him, the main difference between a group and a team is that team members are equally committed to a common purpose and goal, which they cannot reach individually, such as those set by a business. The purpose and goal can only be met when the individuals come together as a team and pool their skills and resources. A team needs to articulate common purpose, goals and an agreed upon working approach. Secondly, for a team to perform well, its members need to hold themselves mutually accountable.

In Haris Ahmed‘s and Pragmatium Consulting’s approach to consultation, forming solid strategy is key to long term success. As he highlights above, if a business has a coherent and agreeable strategic direction, it is much easier to form highly effective teams to work towards this common goal.

For Haris Ahmed, all of us  serve on so many teams in our personal and professional lives, but we do a disservice to the team if we don’t check our commitment and make sure it aligns with their personal value system and other time commitments. His advise is for businesses to convey their goals and strategies clearly, which will in turn give the employees and teams something to work towards. You can watch Videos about Haris Ahmed Chicago on Vimeo.