Harish Ahmed – Successful CEO of Management Consultancy Group in Chicago

Haris AhmedEvery business needs regular up dations for being successful in the market because of growing competition. Technology is changing very fast and innovations are necessary in every field. Every businessman needs expert advice and guidance from management consultant for running business successfully.

Harish Ahmed is an expert professional in management consulting from Chicago. He is the owner of consultancy group named as Pragmatium consultancy group in Naperville, United States. He has helped many organizations and has cordial relationship with many companies. He did graduation in economics from New York University from 1987 to 1990.  He also did EMBA in strategy and leadership from the Notre Dame University in the year 2004 to 2005 with honors in activities and societies. After completed his education, he started working with Aetna health plans as a group underwriter. Before opening his own consultancy group, he worked with many organizations like Price water house coopers, Watson Wyatt Worldwide, Hewitt Associates and Oliver Wyman etc. He founded his own company in the year 2009 and managing it as a chief operating officer.

You can learn more about Harish Ahmed and his consultancy group on social media platforms. He has great web presence on these websites like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. You can visit Haris Ahmed official account on LinkedIn and connect with him for more information.

Talented And Experienced Mentor in United States

haris ahmedManagement consulting helps other organizations to improve their performance, solving issues, create more value and growth. A management consultant gives advice to business houses to develop their skills for better performance. Haris Ahmed is a best management consultant in Greater Chicago area of United States. He is the owner of Pragmatium Consulting Group. He was founded this company in July, 2009 and he is the CEO of this company. This is an advisory firm which has expertise in organizational performance, team performances, strategy execution and management consulting etc. He has experience of 20 years in this filed and he is an expert consultant of his area.

Haris Ahmed has done MBA on strategy and leadership from the Notre Dame University and before that he has done BA in economics and politics from NYU. He also got certifications in advance leadership such as Vital Leadership Advantage and Executive Integral Leadership. He is specialized in strategy execution, organizational design, team performance, executive coaching and organizational transformation etc.

Haris Ahmed is a specialist in his work and has attended many workshops. He is a strategic partner of leading companies like sense i international, the LP, PRITCHETT etc. If you want to consult him for management issues you can follow Haris Ahmed on LinkedIn. Visit Haris Ahmed official account on LinkedIn and you will get to know more professional information about him.

Haris Ahmed: The Founder and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc.

Haris AhmedHaris Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc., it is a management consulting firm that works with leaders of organizations on change and leadership. He personally coached over 100 leaders in various sectors: public and private corporations, not-for-profits, and the federal sector.

Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc., provides consulting management expertise in various industries such as health care, diversified financial services, technology services, client list and testimonials. Through Haris Ahmed’s expertise, Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc., became an expert in assisting healthcare organizations of all sizes to execute their strategic agenda by building high-performing organizations and teams. They leverage the depth and breadth of their expertise to help clients build their leadership capabilities.

As the Founder and CEO, Haris Ahmed engaged Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. by an East Coast based premier health care delivery organization to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the level and quality of teamwork across it various departments. They coordinate with the leaders to synthesize the findings from their assessment. After each workshop, Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. develops a comprehensive road map to outline the necessary steps to continue their journey in becoming a high performing team.

Haris Ahmed understands the key drivers impacting financial services organizations. He involved Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. in managing consultants with the combination of broad knowledge coupled with industry-specific experience. They provide refreshing and pragmatic approach to financial services consulting that is focused on delivering results.

Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc.’s vision in technology services according to Haris Ahmed, is embracing agility, accelerate innovation processes and create solutions that translate into revenue. Currently, Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. manages consultants in taking pragmatic yet fast-paced approach to build agile organizations and leadership teams that execute strategic agendas more effectively and efficiently.

Their team works with appointed CEO of a technology services company to perform a comprehensive assessment of the executive team, and both the formal and informal organization structures. Initially, they established a baseline of existing organization and its challenges by utilizing the congruence model of organizational performance. After a series of workshops with the CEO and key senior executives, Haris Ahmed organized the outcome of the industry centric organizational model, clearing new job descriptions and identification of missing capabilities. After the result, Haris Ahmed, revitalized the organization, which was more clearly aligned with the stated strategic vision with a lower cost of operation.

Haris Ahmed Chicago, Illinois – A Gifted Leader And A Competent Change Agent

haris ahmedHaris Ahmed, Chicago, Illinois is the founder of Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. They are a management-counseling firm that guides and assists those in the management field. His work experience as a hierarchical change agent and official coach spans around 20 years. He has helped countless organizations by bringing about the needed changes, which led to all-around growth and prosperity of firms he worked for. Haris is a facilitator of an elite class, which has powered many leadership workshops and group building sessions. He made a big contribution in helping over 100 pioneers in an array of field’s, including open and private partnerships, not-profit, and government sectors.

Haris Ahmed, Chicago, Illinois established a fruitful advisory association with scores of CEOs and business pioneers in many different fields. His career accomplishments include – working as a Strategic Partner of Sensei International, which is a worldwide authority consultancy, and PRITCHETT, LP, a chief merger coordination firm. Prior to venturing into his own counseling business, Haris was a Principal with Oliver Wyman, a global management counseling firm that counsels C-level pioneers on key change and initiative. Furthermore, he also worked as a senior consultant with Hewitt Associates driving counseling mediations in hierarchical change and human capital viability. Haris also worked as a Consultant for Watson Wyatt Worldwide, strategizing organization effectiveness and for Price water house Coopers in their Management Consulting practice.

Haris Ahmed Chicago – a versatile leader and accomplished change agent Haris Ahmed is a very knowledgeable individual. That knowledge has been shared among scores of his business clients, and they have profited from what he has taught them. Some of his noteworthy clients include: Inland Real Estate Group, Johnson & Johnson, Key Corp, MGM International, Motorola, New Edge, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Paragon Development Systems, Pitney Bowes, Roosevelt University, Save the Children, etc. Haris Ahmed’s work speaks for itself and those who reach out to him will attest.