Haris Ahmed: The Founder and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc.

Haris AhmedHaris Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc., it is a management consulting firm that works with leaders of organizations on change and leadership. He personally coached over 100 leaders in various sectors: public and private corporations, not-for-profits, and the federal sector.

Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc., provides consulting management expertise in various industries such as health care, diversified financial services, technology services, client list and testimonials. Through Haris Ahmed’s expertise, Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc., became an expert in assisting healthcare organizations of all sizes to execute their strategic agenda by building high-performing organizations and teams. They leverage the depth and breadth of their expertise to help clients build their leadership capabilities.

As the Founder and CEO, Haris Ahmed engaged Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. by an East Coast based premier health care delivery organization to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the level and quality of teamwork across it various departments. They coordinate with the leaders to synthesize the findings from their assessment. After each workshop, Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. develops a comprehensive road map to outline the necessary steps to continue their journey in becoming a high performing team.

Haris Ahmed understands the key drivers impacting financial services organizations. He involved Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. in managing consultants with the combination of broad knowledge coupled with industry-specific experience. They provide refreshing and pragmatic approach to financial services consulting that is focused on delivering results.

Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc.’s vision in technology services according to Haris Ahmed, is embracing agility, accelerate innovation processes and create solutions that translate into revenue. Currently, Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. manages consultants in taking pragmatic yet fast-paced approach to build agile organizations and leadership teams that execute strategic agendas more effectively and efficiently.

Their team works with appointed CEO of a technology services company to perform a comprehensive assessment of the executive team, and both the formal and informal organization structures. Initially, they established a baseline of existing organization and its challenges by utilizing the congruence model of organizational performance. After a series of workshops with the CEO and key senior executives, Haris Ahmed organized the outcome of the industry centric organizational model, clearing new job descriptions and identification of missing capabilities. After the result, Haris Ahmed, revitalized the organization, which was more clearly aligned with the stated strategic vision with a lower cost of operation.

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